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    Lai Vung Tangerine Kingdom 
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    Lai Vung Tangerine Kingdom
    Lai Vung Tangerine Kingdom. Where is famous for its fermented pork roll. However, Lai Vung is perhaps better known today as the “Tangerine Kingdom”. In the days near the New Year, visitors come here to feel like the spring has returned. Indeed, every tree is full of fruit, round and succulent, waiting to be harvested.
    Located next to Hau river that is fertile so the fertile soil and favorable climate, Lai Vung Tangerine is very luxuriant, thin shell, fewer seeds and delicious specialties than other regions. Moreover, Lai Vung, the title of “Tangerine Kingdom” by Mekong people. As in the provinces of Mekong Delta, there is nowhere have the area of the tangerine plant up to nearly 2,000 hectares and annually marketed over 40,000 tons to serve the Tet.
    In addition, this type of tangerine ripens in the months near Tet. So that coming to the gardens of pink tangerine Lai Vung these days like to go to the fairy garden with rows of golden fruit trees glowing in the sun and stretch. The bunch of tangerines, glossy fruit, round fruit under the foliage to create a sense of fullness.

    for more information: Lai Vung Tangerine Kingdom
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