Festivals in Mekong Delta. Mekong Delta is actually a deserving travel destination in the southwest Vietnam thanks to its tranquility and unspoiled beauty. Nonetheless, to be able to experience a Mekong Delta day trip or a Mekong Delta tour in the season of some following festivals in Mekong Delta is clearly lucky, which will get you absorbed so much. Let’s see how awesome those festivals are! The Mekong Delta is an area not only famous for its beautiful nature and fresh air. With a unique and diverse culture, Mekong Delta is also an extremely special area with a lot of famous and colorful festivals throughout 13 provinces. Before traveling to Mekong Delta. One of the things you must know about is the colorful, fun and humane festivals of people living in the Mekong Delta region. So, what are you waiting for without carrying your backpack and enjoy these festivals.

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