Floating Market of Mekong Delta. Mekong Delta leaves a strong impression on tourists by its green/yellow rice paddies, fruits orchards, Southern folk songs, and delicious regional dishes. What make its unique are dense rivers, canals system, house stilts, and lifestyle of locals on river. Thus, it is quite exceptional and awesome to surround yourself with hectic and vibrant floating markets – one of the noticeable highlights of the Mekong Delta. Above all, the floating market is a type of market that often appears in the water area which is considered the main transport route. Where both sellers and buyers use boats. Boats as a means of transfer and transportation. The floating market located at the place that not too wide but not too narrow. Moreover, the river must be relatively wide, not too shallow, but not too deep. If the river is too deep, too large, it is impossible to anchor boats, and very dangerous.

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