Mekong Delta Tours. Western Tourism: The Southwest, the large rice bowl of the whole country, fruit trees are fruitless, fields are straight with wings. People of Nam Bo, live bustling on the floating markets of Cai Be, Cai Rang, Phung Hiep ... Western region, a space of love for the souls and the poetic and amusing songs. “Tu Linh” Island of Mekong Delta includes Long Island, Lan Island, Qui Island and Phung Island. These are the lands that emerge among the vast Mekong River for Mekong Delta Tours. Favored by nature, this land becomes a “golden” land for locals and tourists to visit every year. Enjoying “Don ca tai tu” This is a typical art form available only in the Mekong Delta. It is seen as part of the soul of the local people. Then, through the lyrics, you can somehow understand the culture of the life of the Mekong Delta people, rustic, simple and full of hospitality.

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